About Postadrianism

Born a boy and named Glen Jankowski, this is the story of humble beg- blah blah blah. Imagine if Postmodernism and Adrian Mole had a baby? Or if some knob just put those two names together for his blog. Welcome to that blog.

But seriously, I am learing stuff about politics and try to do well by the many incredible activists I’ve met. I’m also an academic. Academia has been good to me but the lack of real world application makes me sad. So whilst standing on an upturned washing up tub*, I choose to vent here about the many injustices in academia and the world I see.

I was once called pretensious. It was oppression of the *worst* kind. Finally, please don’t feel free to criticize me. I’ve a big ego  and a thin skin.

I also blog here about my PhD which is on body image www.glenjankowski.wordpress.com

*That works on so many levels.

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