The new Barbies aren’t so great for the sweatshop workers who make them

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So this week Matel announced its range of 33 new Barbie dolls. There’s a tall Barbie, a curvy Barbie and a little Barbie. Curvy Barbie has thicker thighs and a slightly protruding stomach. The 33 dolls also have 7 skin tones between them, including a dark skinned Black Barbie with natural hair. Progress? Not for the women making them.


Image: Mattel/EPA

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With great money comes great responsibility

To plagiarize channel Spiderman, with great money comes great responsibility. What we choose to buy can mean a decent wage for African farmers (fairtrade), more greenhouse gas emissions (food miles), the survival of bees (pesticides), rabbits having shampoo rubbed in their eyes, the explosion of a living duck’s liver etc. A lot of people don’t know about the power their spending has. They should. Then they should spend their money as ethically as they can.

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